About PetroLube

We offer a range of fuel and lubricant services and solutions to our customers.


  • Nationwide coverage:
    Helping us to deliver across UK in quick time
  • Comprehensive distribution network:
    Enabling the low-cost oils and lubricant deliveries across UK
  • Packaging & Labelling:
    For finding the right oil & lubricants for your industry or applications
  • Tailor Made Supplies:
    To suit your company’s specific requirements
  • Suitable Deliveries:
    Small packs to containers, weekly to monthly supplies.
  • Reliable & Emergency supply:
    Offering quick delivery in case of an emergency
Distribution Network


  • Reliable & Quick supply
  • Ultimate performance
  • Cost effective
  • Tailor made products
  • Small / large quantity supplies
  • Competitive Price
  • Excellent Customer Service

*subject to the terms and conditions and minimum quantities