All our products are in compliance with the environmental standards as well the demands of industry leaders in agriculture, automotive, industrial and refrigeration. We supply to almost all the industries, some of their details are below;

Farming & Agricultural Sector


Productivity in agriculture demands the smooth functioning of equipment, machineries and vehicles in all weathers and conditions. Tractors, bailers, trucks, air compressors or vacuum pumps, it is imperative to use high performance oils and lubricants for its efficient running in the harsh environmental and operating conditions.

We offer specialist agricultural lubricants and ancillary products to the agricultural sector that works in all weathers and conditions. Our comprehensive range of lubricants covers all equipments to machineries to vehicles. With increasingly advanced machinery within the farming industry, care and attention is important to ensure that your equipment is optimised for the best performance.

Automotive Industries


Our automotive oils and lubricants are blended using high grade base oils to ensure superior performance. We offer a range of engine oils, gearbox oils and fuel treatments for a variety of purposes across the automotive industry. With so many different products on the market, finding the right lubricating oil can be confusing.

Contact us now with the make, model and type of vehicle and we will advise and provide you the suitable lubricants and oils. Petrolube is different from the other suppliers as we provide the right blends for your engines, gearboxes and other devices at a competitive price.

Construction & Roads


Petrolube offers a range of lubricants and other fluids for use in construction and roads equipment like excavators, cranes, heavy trucks. These machines often operate in very arduous conditions, with exposure to heat, cold, dirt and water which only the most robust lubricants and greases can withstand.

Our products have been thoroughly tested and are offered to our customers with fullest confidence. Our advanced lubricants specially blended for the construction and roadways are able to provide better wear protection by helping the removal of dust often entering the open gear drives.

General Industries

General Industries

We offer premium range quality industrial oils designed for use in gear, power transmission and hydraulic control systems. Our industrial oils are blended from high quality, chemically-stable solvent refined base oils combined with balanced additive system which include anti wear and oxidation inhibitors, this lengthens the lifespan of parts, equipment and machineries and increase their productivity.

Our products are ideal for the industrial applications and machineries, workshops, plants, machine shops and manufacturing units and factories. Please contact us to see how the use of our oils can provide excellent wear protection and productivity.


General Industries

Petrolube’s oil and lubricant range is designed to offer highly effective and efficient lubrication solutions to a wide variety of applications across the manufacturing industries. With 30 years of experience and our industry specific expertise, we offer and advice the right products relevant to your industry and machines.

Our range of oils and greases for use in general and manufacturing industry is vast; from high performance high temperature grease to penetrating lubricants, hydraulic oils, gear oils, engine oils, we offer products which your industry needs. Our team has built its reputation on providing top quality lubricants and oils at competitive prices for the manufacturing industries.

Metal Works

Metal Works

Metal works require fluids which are high performance as well as protective. Neat cutting oils are an absolute necessity when good lubricating properties are required. At Petrolube, we offer the right cutting fluids which will protect the machines from constant stoppages, thereby increasing the life of both the tool and the cutting fluid.

Petrolube’s range of metalworking lubricants covers most of the machineries and applications. We also supply a comprehensive range of maintenance lubricants in aerosols. Contact us and we will help you to find the optimum fluids for your particular field of works or operation.



We provide refrigeration oils which are specifically designed to lubricate refrigeration and air conditioning compressors. They are carefully refined from petroleum lubricating oil stocks to deliver the best value to your operation through enhanced equipment protection and superior efficiency.

Our refrigeration oils are developed to avoid costly equipment replacement for the end-user, these refrigerants enable the continued use of the existing system with minimal downtime required for retrofit. Petrolube’s refrigeration oil is synonymous with the highest quality, most reliable refrigeration oils available in UK.